Our top drives have been in daily operations around the world. Our systems are designed for rough conditions and comply with the strictest approvals for the drilling industry. We provide solutions ranging from portable land rig applications to extreme deep water applications.


AC, DC and hydraulic motors are offered. All our drive motors are designed specifically for optimum variable speed performance and certified for operation in hazardous area.

Gear boxes

The top drives are equipped with high quality gear boxes. We use the highest quality selection of gears and bearings to maximise machine uptime.


Pipe handlers

The top drives include a remote controlled, multifunctional pipe handler. Pipe handlers can rotate freely, and are equipped with automatic positioning to ensure safe, easy and accurate orientation. Our knuckle link pipe handler is a well proven design with unique handling capabilities.


Portable top drive

A compact and light design providing:


Derrick drilling machine

The broadest range providing:

Modular derrick drilling machine