Bombas de superficie de alto caudal y alta presión:

The 5,000 psi cylinder block on the standard Size 4 triplex accommodates eight different sizes of interchangeable plungers and liners. The 10,000 psi version accommodates three sizes of interchangeable plungers and liners, and is comprised of three valve cylinders, rather than the forged cylinder block. The 30,000 psi version, also with three valve cylinders, has four sizes of plungers.

Size 4 triplexes are available for separate drive either directly coupled to the prime mover or belt driven. For these units, single reduction gear rations available are 2.607, 3.407, 3.958, 4.318 or 4.850.

For integral motor drive units, the motor is flange mounted and may be either drip-proof, totally enclosed, or explosion-proof. Standard motors are 1800 RPM, 460 volt, 3-phase, 60 hertz.

Optional Size 4 units are available to handle fluid temperatures to 650 degrees F.

The selection table below indicates the pressure ratings in psi and displacementsin GPM of the various sizes of plungers and liners.
200 HP for pressures up to 30,000 psi


Displacements are based on 100% volumetric efficiency.

Stroke 5 inches


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